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C&D $22.5M Settlement Mentioned by Media Covering Canadian Train Derailment & Explosion

The Montreal Gazette has mentioned a significant Corboy & Demetrio settlement in the deadly Rockford derailment in 2009 as part of a story on potential injury and death lawsuits in the recent Quebec train derailment and explosion. 

In the story, reporter Janet Bagnall examines whether lawsuits could end up being filed in Chicago in part because Rail World Inc, a privately owned rail management and investment firm with which Montreal, Maine & Atlantic Railway is affiliated, is located near Chicago.

In Corboy & Demetrio’s case, plaintiff Mr. Tellez was seriously injured and his wife was killed in the deadly derailment and explosion in 2009.  Their case settled for $22.5 million.  

You can read the full story here.

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