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Thomas Demetrio Reacts to Firing of Officers in Dr. Dao Incident


Statement of Thomas Demetrio, Attorney for Dr. David Dao & Co-Founder of Corboy & Demetrio:

“It is unfortunate the conduct of these two City aviation employees has resulted in their losing their jobs.  However, this is not a day of celebration for Dr. Dao, who is neither vindictive nor happy about Mr. Ferguson’s findings.  There is a lesson to be learned here for police officers at all levels.  Do not state something that is clearly contrary to video viewed by the world.  But for the video, the filed report stating that only “minimal” force was used would have been unnoticed.  Simply put, don’t make stuff up.  Also, the Inspector General’s report should become the poster child for why passengers should always maintain the right to videotape mistreatment of all kinds.  Our cell phones are the best deterrent to ensure mistreatment becomes a rarity.”

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