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William Gibbs Appears Live on Al Jazeera TV Network to Discuss C.T.E. & the NFL Admission


Corboy & Demetrio Attorney William T. Gibbs appeared live on Al Jazeera America television network on March 16, 2016, in an interview about the admission of NFL executive Jeff Miller at a recent congressional hearing that there is a link between football and C.T.E.

“In this day and age, it’s undeniable that there’s a link.  Of course what the NFL now says that they’ve admitted it before and what the real question is how much of a link there is.  Ninety of 94 brains that have been posthumously by the Boston University folks and Dr. Ann McKee have demonstrated that former NFL players, 90 of 94 have demonstrated CTE and so the League couldn’t deny it any longer.”

Gibbs and Corboy & Demetrio Founder Thomas Demetrio represent many former NFL players and the families of deceased NFL players Dave Duerson and Forrest Blue in concussion litigation against the League.  In addition, Gibbs and Demetrio brought suit last week against helmet maker Riddell on behalf of the family of NFL player Paul Oliver, who, while suffering from C.T.E., shot himself in the head in front of his wife and two children.


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