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Philip Corboy, Jr. Elected to U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation Board


Philip “Flip” Corboy, Jr., a partner at Corboy & Demetrio, has been elected to serve on the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Foundation(USOPF) Board of Directors. 

The USOPF serves as the primary source of philanthropic resources for the Olympic and Paralympic programs in the United States. It also advocates for the U.S. Olympic Committee's work nationally and globally, while raising awareness of the USOC’s funding needs and resources.

As Corboy noted, “The USOC and USOPF work hand in hand to support and assist American athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence while demonstrating the values of the Olympic movement. Not many people outside of the international world movement know and appreciate that we’re the only country in the world that doesn’t offer financial support to our Olympic athletes. Despite this huge disadvantage, our athletes achieve remarkable results every two years in practically every Olympic event. A big part of that comes from the resources the USOC and USOPF raise from all over the country. It’s hard work but very satisfying when seeing the podiums filled with our nation’s best and brightest.”

Corboy previously served as a Trustee of USOPF, where he helped the USOC to make investments in areas promoting excellence and innovation for Team USA and the many National Governing Boards (NGB) that control and manage their individual sports and athletes.

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