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Corboy & Demetrio Sues Boeing in Death of Somalia Prime Minister Staff in Ethiopian Airlines Crash

The Chicago law firm of Corboy & Demetrio has filed a wrongful death lawsuit for the family of Somali Prime Minister Staff Member Abdishakur Mohamed Shahaad, a citizen of Somalia who was killed in the crash of Ethiopian Airlines flight 302.

Shahaad had worked at the Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire’s office for the last two years and is survived by his wife and three children.  The product liability and negligence lawsuit accuses Boeing of failing to properly warn pilots, airlines and the public of the risk of malfunctioning AOA sensors and automated MCAS dives following the crash of Lion Air #610 when Boeing knew or should have known the AOA sensor and MCAS were likely the cause.

Corboy & Demetrio has sued Boeing in other air disasters, including most recently in December, stemming from the Lion Air crash of flight 610. The firm filed a wrongful death lawsuit for the family of passenger Sudibyo Onggo Wardoyo of Jakarta who was killed in the crash that also involved a Boeing 737 Max 8. 

“Boeing’s inaction to correct the problem after the first crash is reckless at best,” said Thomas Demetrio, Co-founder of Corboy & Demetrio who represents the family.  “It dilly dallied when it should have grounded all Max 8s and 9s until a clear cause was determined and safely rectified,” he added.

Corboy & Demetrio has extensive experience in airline disaster lawsuits including suits against the manufacturers Boeing and McDonnell Douglass.  The firm represented the families of 26 passengers who died in the American Airlines Flight 191 crash at O’Hare International Airport when an engine attached to a wing on a DC-10 fell off just seconds into flight killing all aboard and two on the ground; the families of 39 passengers of United Airlines Flight 232 that crashed in Sioux City, Iowa, when defective blades fractured in the rear engine of a DC-10 severing the plane’s hydraulic system; and several families of passengers killed in the crash of USAir #427 near Pittsburgh due to a poorly designed rudder of a Boeing 737 aircraft.

Corboy & Demetrio also currently represents 21 passengers in lawsuits against Aeroméxico in the crash of Flight #2431 in Durango, Mexico in 2018.  In 2017, Thomas Demetrio represented United Airlines passenger Dr. David Dao, obtaining a confidential settlement just 18 days after the incident. 

The Shahaad family is also represented by Corboy & Demetrio Attorneys Michael K. Demetrio and  William T. Gibbs.

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