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City of Chicago Agrees to $800,000 Settlement of O'Hare Slip and Fall Lawsuit


The City of Chicago has agreed to settle a personal injury lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman injured at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago when she slipped on the floor and injured her knee. The City will pay $800,000.00 to the woman who was represented by Chicago personal injury lawyer Francis Patrick Murphy of the Corboy & Demetrio law firm.

Personal Injury Lawsuit

On January 21, 2005, a 59 year old doctor flew into Chicago's O’Hare International Airport and was walking in Terminal 3 on her way out of the airport. She was planning on attending medical conference in Chicago. As she passed a number of restaurants, she slipped on an oily substance on the floor and fell forward onto her left knee. Her kneecap was fractured and cartilage was torn. She was taken to the hospital where surgery was performed and was released after six days. Several months later she required a second surgery to properly repair her kneecap.

At the time of her injury, the doctor had a solo private medical practice. She was unable to work for several months and when she did return to work, it was on a part-time basis.

Chicago Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer Murphy remarked:

Not only was the doctor unable to work, her volunteer medical work was greatly affected. She was the medical director of the international volunteer organization, Remote Area Medical.  She and others would parachute with supplies into the jungles in the Amazon, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and other third world countries. She would then be boated out of the jungle by natives. When she could no longer parachute, she started doing volunteer medical work for the poor in remote areas of Appalachia. 

Even though she still has pain and future surgeries ahead of her, she tries not to cut any of her volunteer medical work. She always told me that it was her privilege and obligation to serve the poor.

The lawsuit alleged that the City of Chicago, which controls and maintains O’Hare airport, failed to clean the spilled substance on the floor and failed to warn passengers of dropped food items.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement

Illinois National Insurance will pay the $800,000.00 settlement.

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