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Corboy & Demetrio Secures $2 Million Settlement for Family of Teenager Killed by Domino's Pizza Delivery Car


Corboy & Demetrio secured a $2 million settlement on behalf of a Chicago family whose teenage daughter was killed when the car in which she was riding was hit by a Domino’s Pizza delivery car.  

The girl’s family had filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Domino’s Pizza of Oak Lawn, the pizza delivery driver and the driver of the car in which the girl was riding.   The 17-year-old high school student was riding in a car driven by Defendant Amanda Gilhooly on May 6, 2010, in Evergreen Park , Cook County, IL, when Defendant Ellis Reynolds, an employee of Domino’s Pizza at the time, negligently entered the intersection of 100th Street and Turner Ave., striking Gilhooly’s car, according to the lawsuit. 

The intersection was an “open” intersection and did not have any stop signs.  The Domino’s driver had the right of way, and Gilhooly failed to yield, the plaintiff alleged in legal documents.    Stop signs were erected shortly after the crash.

In the settlement, Domino’s paid the full amount of its insurance policy of $2 million, and Gilhooly paid the full $50,000 limit of her insurance policy. 

“The settlement was the product of a great deal of professionalism by defense counsel and the insurance counsel, and the excellent mediation of skills of Judge Michael Hogan (ret.),” Demetrio added.

Case information:  Jacqueline Higgins, Administrator of the Estate of Danielle Sellers, deceased v. Domino’s Pizza, LLC.,d/b/a Domino’s Pizza of Oak Lawn; Legacy Two Enterprises, Inc., d/b/a Domino’s Pizza of Oak Lawn; Domino’s Pizza (Store#2708); Ellis Reynolds and Amanda Gilhooly; Case No. 10L5464; Filed in Cook County Circuit Court – Law Division.

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