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$15.8 Million Awarded in Semi Tractor Trailer Collision

A Cook County Circuit Court jury awarded $15.8 million to the 24 year old brain injured victim of a car/semi-truck collision. Tanisha Fears of Chicago sustained her paralyzing injuries on December 28,1998, while riding as a passenger in a car driven by her then boyfriend, Christopher Mosley. Tanisha was represented by Corboy & Demetrio attorney Daniel S. Kirschner at trial against Christopher Mosley and Yellow Freight Systems, Inc. The only eyewitness testified that Mosley was traveling eastbound at 55 mph in a 35 mph zone on Route 83 in Palos Heights, Illinois, when he attempted to pass an eastbound Yellow Freight semi-truck. Mosley drove on the gravel shoulder of the roadway while attempting to pass the truck on its right hand side.

As Mosley attempted to merge back onto the paved roadway in front of the Yellow Freight truck, the rear fender of his car struck the front bumper of the Yellow Freight truck, deflecting Mosley's car over the center line into westbound traffic. A westbound car struck Mosley's vehicle on the passenger side, where Tanisha was seated. Neither Mosley nor Tanisha have any recollection of the incident.

The jury deliberated for six and one-half hours before apportioning 100 percent of the responsibility for the crash to Christopher Mosley,finding Yellow Freight without fault.

In addition to the $15.8 million awarded to Tanisha, the jury awarded $18,009.06 to Manuel Castada and $100,000 to Juan Beltran, who were in the westbound car that collided with Mosley's car when it crossed the center lane.

There were no settlement offers. Post trial motions are being contemplated

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