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Corboy & Demetrio Pedestrian Wrongful Death Lawsuit Settled for $3.5 Million


A local truck driver and his employers have agreed to pay $3.5 million to settle a lawsuit arising out of the death of a young woman who was hit and killed by defendants' truck in Chicago, Illinois. The woman's family was represented by attorney Robert Bingle, a partnerat the law firm of Corboy & Demetrio.

The lawsuit arose out of an incident where the defendant, who was driving a semi-tractor-trailer, entered the crosswalk, struck and killed the decedent as she was crossing from west to east. The defendant claimed that he never saw the decedent and that the incident was a result of her intoxication. Some witnesses claimed that the defendant stopped, others said that he rolled through the stop sign. There was also conflicting testimony regarding whether the decedent was walking or running at the time of the incident. All witnesses agreed that the decedent was in the crosswalk when she was struck.

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