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$48 Million Awarded Paraplegic for Injury at Work


Robert J. Bingle, a Chicago personal injury lawyer at the Corboy & Demetrio law firm, who represented a factory worker who became a paraplegic after falling off a ladder at work, was featured in an article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin regarding the $48 million jury verdict awarded to the factory worker.

Personal Injury and Premises Liability Lawsuit

On November 20, 2004, Anthony Arciniega, 41 years old, was working at the International Steel plant in Burns Harbor, Indiana - now ArcelorMittal - when he fell from a ladder which was covered with refractory. Court documents alleged that the refractory was there as a result of a plant contractor, Minteq International. Anthony was rendered a paraplegic.

He returned to work in a wheelchair within six months of the incident, despite unremitting nerve pain. “I had to support my family,” Tony explained during questioning by the attorneys. “Part of my responsibility as a husband and father is to put food  on the table.” Arciniega’s wife, Sarah, a licensed practical nurse, worked at a nursing home to make up for the family’s lost income, in addition to serving as Mr. Arciniega’s nurse and taking care of the couple’s three children.

Top Personal Injury Award 

 “We are very thankful that the jury realized what we’ve been through and are grateful to our attorneys for all their hard work,” Sarah said after the verdict. “Every day is a struggle for us but this verdict will make our lives much easier.” The verdict is one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Indiana for 2008.

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