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Corboy & Demetrio Files New Lawsuit against Megabus in Chicago Pedestrian Crash

For Immediate Release

Corboy & Demetrio filed a lawsuit today against Megabus USA on behalf of the family of 76-year-old Donna Halstead, a Chicago woman who was struck and killed by a Megabus on Tuesday of this week.

The lawsuit comes just two days after Corboy & Demetrio settled a lawsuit against Megabus for $5.1 million dollars involving the family of another pedestrian, Wes Krueger, who was killed by a Megabus vehicle in 2010 that was just a few blocks from where Ms. Halstead was killed in the West Loop.

Ms. Halstead was the longtime assistant to former Illinois Supreme Court Chief Justice Mary Ann McMorrow.   Halstead, whose daughter has multiple sclerosis, was a volunteer with the Multiple Sclerosis Society. 

The bus driver, Shemeka Hudson, 32, was cited with failing to yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk.

In Corboy & Demetrio’s other Megabus lawsuit, that victim, Wes Krueger, was walking west on Adams Street and crossing Des Plaines Street in the crosswalk when a left turning Megabus operated by Shervyle Pruitt struck him and dragged him 30 feet before stopping.  Mr. Krueger died soon thereafter at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Case info:

Mary A. Beaver, Personal Representative of the Estate of Donna Halstead, Deceased, v. Megabus USA, LLC, and Shemeka Hudson; Case No. 12L8997(F) in Cook County Circuit Court.

Linda S. Krueger, Administrator of the Estate of Wesley C. Krueger, deceased, v. Megabus USA, LLC and Shervyle J. Pruitt, Case No. 10L3399C, Cook County Circuit Court.

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