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Install Positive Train Control Systems, Canadian National


Canadian National Railway issued a media advisory on April 21, 2010, stating that they are "vowing no compromise in the campaign to end accidents, injuries and fatalities on and near railway crossings, tracks and property." Adding, "[We] will send clear messages to motorists and commuters about the importance of safety at crossings... on railway tracks and property." If that is true, Canadian National should install on each of its trains a Positive Train Control (PTC) system which the law firm of Corboy & Demetrio has been recommending for many years.

A PTC is a safety technology system that can track and monitor trains and prevent collisions, derailments, speeding and crashes due to malfunctioning lights, gates or sirens. Although a costly system, it is necessary to keep train passengers and people, who have necessarily had to navigate in the area of train tracks, stations and crossings, safe and unharmed.

After the Metra train crash in 2005, Corboy & Demetrio, lead counsel in the derailment litigation and attorneys for 36 victims or their families, talked about the necessity for a PTC system and that such a system could have prevented the devastating derailment. 

Canadian National should live up to its press release. Don’t compromise on safety – install Positive Train Control systems.


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