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Corboy & Demetrio Hails Illinois Supreme Court Decision Upholding Citizens' Rights


Corboy & Demetrio hails the Illinois Supreme Court’s decision today that upholds the rights of citizens throughout the state to recover fair and full compensation for their injuries.

In the case of Lebron vs. Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, the Court held, for the third time, that any cap or limit on a victim’s compensation for lifelong disability, pain and suffering is arbitrary and violates the Illinois Constitution. The LeBron case involves the severe disability of a young child, Abigaile Lebron. The Supreme Court’s decision results from a ruling by Judge Diane Larsen of the Circuit Court of Cook County that the Medical Malpractice Reform Act of 2005 was unconstitutional in that it sought to limit non-economic damages in medical malpractice cases.

Philip Harnett Corboy, Jr., immediate past president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA) and president of ITLA when arguments were heard before the Illinois Supreme Court in 2008, remarked:

For the third time in as many decisions, our Supreme Court has decided conclusively and unequivocally that the rights bestowed upon our citizens by the Illinois Constitution are not to be trifled with by special interests. These anti-consumer attempts to shut the door to the courthouse to those most needy in our society are both transparent and self-serving. It’s time the proponents of this movement move on and stop taking up the time and energy of the legislature and the courts around our state. With this decision, the rule of law is alive and well in Illinois.

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