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Corboy & Demetrio Sues Nicor for Home Gas Explosion, Fire and Residents’ Injuries


Corboy & Demetrio personal injury lawyer Francis Patrick Murphy filed a lawsuit in Chicago against the gas company Nicor, Inc., on behalf of Isaias Montes, his wife, Rutila Morales, their children, and Fabiola Martinez for injuries they suffered from a gas explosion and fire at Montes' home in Elgin, Illinois. Attorney Murphy also sought a Protective Order for any and all evidence in the case.

On January 12, 2010, Isaias and Rutila, along with their two children and Fabiola Martinez, were at their home at 708 Elma Street in Elgin, Illinois, when they detected a strong odor of natural gas in an area outside by the driveway. They called Nicor, the gas company that provides service to their home, and told them of the problem. When the Nicor employees arrived, Isaias showed them the gas bubbles around the driveway and then they all went into the basement. The employees checked the air quality and told the family to open a window. When Isaias asked if the house should be evacuated, Nicor employees told him that the house was safe and there was no need to evacuate. The employees went out to the driveway and the family remained in the house.

As the Nicor employees began digging into the driveway with power tools, there was an explosion that knocked the walls of the house out causing the roof to fall to the floor. A fire began, which eventually destroyed the home.

Everyone in the house was injured. Isaias suffered second and third degree burns, his wife was severely bruised, as was his son, and his daughter suffered head injuries. Fabiola suffered a broken foot and facial and leg lacerations requiring stitches.

Upon filing the complaint, Attorney Murphy commented, "If only Nicor had turned off the gas to the area or had told the Morales to leave the house, the horrible injuries and damage to the house might have been avoided. As a result of Nicor’s incompetence, there has been tremendous suffering and a wonderful family’s life has been changed forever."

Judge James Egan of the Circuit Court of Cook County granted the Protective Order. It provides that any evidence removed from the area of the explosion and fire and stored at Packer Engineering will be protected and not be changed or altered in any way.

The law firm of Corboy & Demetrio is a leader in cases involving gas explosions and fires and burn injuries.

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