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Doctor Attacked at Hospital Sues Owners


Michael K. Demetrio, a partner at Corboy & Demetrio, filed a lawsuit today on behalf of a doctor who was sexually and physically attacked at Saint Joseph Hospital, 2913 North Commonwealth, in Chicago, Illinois, as she worked in her office, on June 29, 2009. The case was filed utilizing an assumed name for the victim due to the related criminal prosecution in Cook County, Illinois.

Prior to today’s action being filed, Attorney Demetrio had filed and pursued an Emergency Bill of Discovery on behalf of the plaintiff which was granted by the Court and allowed him to preserve and review evidence in the case.

"Via the information we obtained both from the Chicago Police Department and the named defendant in the lawsuit filed today, it is clear the operators of the medical premises totally failed to monitor and execute its own security devices," Demetrio stated.

Demetrio pointed out that surveillance cameras in place clearly showed the criminal attacker wandering throughout the unguarded first floor before he went up to an upper-level floor where the doctor was working in her office.

"The offender was totally unimpeded by any security personnel or device when he entered the doctor’s office at approximately 6:40 p.m. and attacked her with an 8-inch butcher knife," said Demetrio.

After the doctor fought off the offender by herself, he fled. The Chicago Police Department subsequently was able to identify and arrest the attacker, in part, using the surveillance camera footage the hospital failed to monitor.

"Clearly this brutal attack was preventable if only the owners and operators had properly used the security features they put into place," stated Demetrio.

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