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Corboy & Demetrio Files Emergency Petition to Investigate Fire in South Shore High-Rise


The Chicago law firm of Corboy & Demetrio has filed an Emergency Bill of Discovery to investigate what caused the South Shore high rise fire on Jan. 22, 2013 in Chicago.  The city of Chicago is named as a Respondent in the petition, along with Lakefront Condominium Association and First Properties LLC.

 Partner Michael K. Demetrio is representing the Estate of John Fasula, Jr., who died after rescuing an elderly resident trapped inside her home on the seventh floor at 6730 S. South Shore Drive.

The petition seeks evidence including records pertaining to inspections and work done on the building; a list of names of workers who inspected and maintained the building as well as any records in possession of the City of Chicago pertaining to inspections in the building.

John Fasula was 50 and left behind Patricia, his wife, and his three children.  Fasula’s body was found in the hallway on the seventh floor along with another man who also died in the blaze.  Fasula died of apparent smoke inhalation, according to a preliminary medical examiner’s report.

“The Fasula family is grieving the loss of John who was performing a heroic act when he died but the family also has a lot of questions that they want answered,” said Demetrio.  “They deserve answers and filing a Bill of Discovery is the best way to ensure that evidence will not be destroyed, and Corboy & Demetrio can get those questions answered.” he added.

A Bill of Discovery protects the evidence and allows us to investigate all aspects of any potential cause of action arising from the fire, according to Demetrio.  Corboy & Demetrio is also seeking the right to inspect the scene of the fire using a fire cause and origin expert and an electrical engineer as early as Wednesday.

Judge Franklin Ulyses Valderrama, a Chancery Division Judge in the Cook County Circuit Court will hear the Petition on Monday.

Case information:  Patricia Fasula, Personal Representative of the Estate of John Fasula, Jr., deceased, v. Lakefront Condominium Association; First Properties, LLC; and the City of Chicago. Case # 2013CH02209

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