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Corboy & Demetrio - Leaders in Railroad Catastrophe Litigation

When a railroad or train crossing gate does not work, a light is defective or a warning does not sound, a railroad may have failed to exercise its ordinary duty of care. Should you or a family member be injured or killed as a result of the railroad’s negligence, Corboy & Demetrio is the personal injury and wrongful death law firm to contact. We have more than 50 years of experience representing plaintiffs in a wide range of cases involving railroad negligence.

Our Record of Success

  • A $22.5 million settlement in 2011 for a man who was seriously injured and for the estate of his wife who died in a train derailment and explosion of tanker cars in Rockford, Illinois.   
  • A global settlement of more than $25 million for the high-school students killed and seven others injured when a commuter train crashed into a school bus in northwest suburban Chicago. Tom Demetrio served as one of the lead plaintiffs’ attorneys in the litigation.
  • A $29.6 million record-setting verdict for a passenger injured when a Metra train derailed and crashed. It is the largest verdict in Illinois for an individual injured in a mass transit crash. Corboy & Demetrio represented thirty-six of the victims or their families. Corboy & Demetrio was appointed lead counsel for all plaintiffs in the derailment.
  • More than $15 million recovered on behalf of the victims represented by Corboy & Demetrio in the crash of an Amtrak train in Bourbonnais, Illinois. Corboy & Demetrio attorneys served as lead counsel in the litigation stemming from the crash.
  • A $7.5 million verdict secured for a man who suffered the loss of his leg when struck by a train.
  • A $6 million settlement for the estate of a dance instructor who was killed after workers turned off crossing signals while repairing the railroad but failed to turn them back on.  
  • A $4.25 million settlement for a man who lost his left leg above the knee as a result of a train accident.
  • A $3 million verdict awarded to a man who lost half of his left leg and part of his right foot in a train accident.

Corboy & Demetrio represented 66 victims of the 2006 CTA Blue Line train derailment; attorney serving as the plaintiffs’ lead counsel in the litigation. We also represented a California family who was headed home from church when the car they were in entered a railroad crossing where the gates were not lowered and the car was hit by a Metrolink train.

Because the requirements for filing, pleading, preparing and trying a personal injury or wrongful death case can differ depending on the state or county in which the negligence occurs or where the lawsuit is filed, it is best to consult an attorney that is qualified, experienced, and successful to determine if you have a meritorious case.

Our success in representing victims in personal injury and wrongful death cases has been exceptional - we have acquired over $3 billion in settlements and verdicts, of which nearly 600 were in excess of $1 million.

Call 312.346.3191 to consult with a Corboy & Demetrio personal injury lawyer. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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