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C&D Record of Success Representing Bus, Car and Truck Crash Victims

A bus, car or truck driver's negligence can cost victims their lives, their livelihoods or significantly interfere with their way of life.

At Corboy & Demetrio, we promptly and thoroughly investigate all vehicle collisions to determine fault and assess liability. Our skilled and highly experienced attorneys work with injured individuals and their families to help them secure fair and full compensation for their loss and injuries. Our success has been exceptional. We have acquired more than $4 billion in settlements and verdicts, of which nearly 600 were in excess of $1 million.

Our expertise has also resulted in record-setting and outstanding verdicts and settlements for our clients. Below is a sample of the results we have achieved in vehicular crashes:

  • Our attorneys acquired a record $40 million verdict in a case where a woman - wife and mother - was injured when her car was hit by a truck.
  • A $22.5 million settlement for the estate of a woman who was stopped at train tracks and the train derailed, spilling chemicals that caught fire, killing her and injuring her husband.
  • A $14.5 million settlement obtained in 2024 for a pick-up truck driver injured when a truck failed to slow down in a construction zone.
  •  A $10.15 million settlement was obtained in 2022 for the family of a bicyclist killed when she was struck by a truck.
  • An $8 million jury verdict was obtained in March, 2013, in a case stemming from a crash on I-294 caused by a semi truck that struck the driver of a car stopped on the shoulder of the road.  The victim was a 36-year-old mother.
  • A $10 million settlement was secured for a 25-year-old woman who was struck by a car after a bus discharged her in the middle of the street.
  • A global settlement of over $25 million in litigation stemming from the collision of a train and bus in Fox River Grove, Illinois. Corboy & Demetrio attorneys were the lead plaintiff’s attorneys in the case.
  • The Illinois Supreme Court upheld a damages award of nearly A $22 million settlement for a woman rendered a quadriplegic when the car she was driving was hit from behind by a semitrailer truck. The award is the largest compensatory verdict for an individual ever upheld by the Illinois Supreme Court.
  • The largest verdict of its kind in a civil case by a Federal District Court jury in Omaha, Nebraska, a jury returned a verdict for $6.6 million in favor of the plaintiffs after the mobile home in which they were traveling was rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer killing the mother of four and severely injuring the father.
  • After three weeks of trial, Corboy & Demetrio attorneys acquired a $3.95 million settlement with a Chicago bus company in a case where the plaintiff was hit by a bus while crossing the street.
  • Representing the estate of a 62-year-old mother of three, Corboy & Demetrio secured a $2 million settlement where the mother died after being struck by a bus.
  • Our attorneys negotiated a settlement of $5.75 million for the surviving family in the death of a 41-year-old wife and mother caused by a Cook County Sheriff’s deputy who drove in excess of 70 mph on a non-emergency call and through a red light, broad siding the woman’s car.
  • We settled a case for $1.75 million on behalf of the family of a 16-year-old boy who was allowed to exit a bus, at a place not designated a bus stop, to catch an approaching bus and was struck and killed by a school bus.
  • A $6.8 million settlement was secured on behalf of an elderly married couple for the injuries the couple suffered when hit by a PACE bus.
  • A $2.625 million verdict was reached for a Chicago attorney struck and dragged by a bus while riding his bicycle in Chicago. 
  • A mediation resulted in a $3.5 million dollar agreement for a woman struck by semi-truck while crossing an intersection in Chicago.
  • Corboy & Demetrio were the lead attorneys in a $4.66 million settlement for the deaths and injuries sustained when a tractor-trailer plowed into a tour bus. 
  • For a free consultation with any of the personal injury lawyers at Corboy & Demetrio, call 312.346.3191. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
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