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Attorney Patrick Murphy Files Lawsuit in Chicago Porch Collapse

Two lawsuits were filed today by Francis Patrick Murphy of Corboy & Demetrio on behalf of Adam Hurder, 24, of Burbank, California and Jordan Hurder, 22, of Irvine, California arising from the deadly June 29, 2003 porch collapse at 713 W. Wrightwood, Chicago.

“Jordan was seated at the table on the third floor along with Adam’s fiancé and two other guests as Adam stepped into the kitchen to say goodbye to one of the party guests,” says Murphy. “When Adam turned toward the porch after a loud noise, Jordan had fallen, with his chair backwards into hole.”

Adam Hurder ran out of the front door, down to the alley and began to pull debris off the rubble pile. “He saved his brother by digging through the wreckage with his hands.”

Jordan was hospitalized at Illinois Masonic Hospital for two days before being released.

Adam’s fiancé was not physically hurt.

The Hurder brothers have returned to Southern California where Adam works in real estate and Jordan is pursuing a post graduate degree at the University of California.

“This preventable tragedy will have ripple effects for years to come,” states Murphy. The brothers are being treated for the psychological effects of the collapse.

Adam’s suit is the first to include a person not on the porch at the time of the collapse but who was in the zone of danger.

Corboy & Demetrio have now filed five suits on behalf of families who lost loved ones and survivors.

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