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Attorney Francis Patrick Murphy on Porch & Deck Safety


This summer there were several cases of a porch, deck, railing or balcony collapse resulting in serious injuries to the users. Chicago personal injury lawyer Francis Patrick Murphy of the Corboy & Demetrio law firm cautions that summer-time is not the only time to be concerned and vigilant about building structures. 

Murphy remarked:

Even though summer is over, porch and deck safety must continue to be a concern for citizens throughout Chicago and the suburbs. No matter the season or time of year, users of porches, decks and balconies are entitled to a safe and secure structure. The City of Chicago, as well as many suburban municipalities, have building codes that must be adhered to when designing and constructing outside structures. There are also codes for the proper maintenance of them. Any tenant or frequent user of a porch, deck or balcony who suspects safety has been compromised should immediately report it to the owner of the property and request an immediate inspection by the City of Chicago - no matter what time of year it is.

Personal Injury Lawyer Francis Patrick Murphy

Murphy is a highly sought after lawyer in porch and deck collapse cases due to his extensive experience and success. He recently filed a lawsuit on behalf of two young people in Chicago who fell from a porch/deck when the railing collapsed. He also represents a McHenry County woman who fell two stories as she stepped onto her deck from her kitchen, a family whose child was injured when he fell through porch posts, the surviving family of a young man killed when he fell through a porch railing, and nine victims and five families of victims in the 2003 Lincoln Park porch collapse.

Murphy’s achievements in porch and deck collapse cases include a record-setting $4 million settlement for a young woman who fell from a porch when a railing broke away. It is the highest settlement in Illinois for an injury resulting from a defective porch railing. In another case, Murphy was successful in securing $2.15 million for a couple who were injured when a deck railing gave way and they fell to the ground.

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