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$2.6 Million for Bicyclist Injured by CTA Bus in Construction Zone

A Circuit Court of Cook County jury returned a verdict Wednesday afternoon in the amount of $2,625,000 in favor of a former IIT Kent College of Law Professor against the Chicago Transit Authority for injuries he sustained when he was struck by a CTA bus while riding his bicycle in 1998. Jacob Corre, 39 at the time, was biking home from Kent Law School when the collision with the bus took place on Halsted Street just north of Erie in Chicago.

According to his lawyer, Thomas A. Demetrio, a founding partner at Corboy & Demetrio, the collision occurred when the CTA bus attempted to pass Corre’s bicycle in an area of construction where such a maneuver could not be made safely. He suffered multiple injuries, including a closed head injury and brachial plexus nerve damage to his left arm. 

During the 13-day trial before Judge Thomas Hogan, Demetrio relied upon an intelligent jury, which included one lawyer member, to understand the subtle significance of the plaintiff’s injury. 

The defense argued that Corre was responsible for the collision by attempting to pass a bus on the right. They also contested damages by contending that Jacob had made a tremendous and nearly complete recovery.

Defendant, Chicago Transit Authority, was represented by Robert A. Dwyer, Jr. and Edward C. Snow of the CTA’s legal department.


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