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The Corboy & Demetrio Credo–The 5 Cs

As the beneficiary of Philip H. Corboy’s and Tom Demetrio’s tutelage, mentoring and commitment to excellence, Corboy & Demetrio is renowned as the best training ground in Chicago for personal injury trial lawyers. In fact, so many of its attorneys have become successful trial lawyers that the firm has earned the nickname "Corboy College of Law." Any Corboy & Demetrio lawyer - past and present - knows that there is one fundamental premise of successful trial advocacy: there is no substitution for thorough preparation. In addition, the firm has articulated a creed, which each of the partners and associates follow in representing the firm’s clients. It requires mastery of distinctive characteristics which has succinctly been labeled "The Five Cs." The elements of the Corboy & Demetrio credo are:

Courtesy Aware that their role is to represent the client before the jury, in their encounters with everyone–witnesses, opponents, bailiffs, clerks, judges and court reporters–Corboy & Demetrio lawyers are courteous to all.

Competence Competent lawyers are constantly learning, inquiring and creating anew. They are able to interpret and to present the law to the judge and the facts to the jury in a direct manner. Lawyers best demonstrate competence when they present a thoroughly prepared case.

Credibility The credible lawyer supplies tenable witnesses, evidence and arguments. Jurors know the truth when they hear it. Lawyers who present a witness that stretches the truth, hedges a tough question, or just plain lies will not be forgotten.

Caring Lawyers who care have no difficulty helping people. That is the important professional service we supply to clients who place their trust in us. Jurors see it and acknowledge it, because they want to do what is right.

Charisma People with charisma exude a sense of presence that is coveted by those who lack it. But although some are born with it, most of us must work to acquire it. A lawyer acquires charisma when each juror has confidence in him or her, because he or she is prepared and able to clearly and honestly present the facts of the case. Charisma in the courtroom attracts jurors, and they are persuaded by it.

Adherence to "The Five Cs" assures professional representation, juror loyalty, and client fidelity. Corboy & Demetrio is committed to continued training and nurturing of lawyers in the art of trial advocacy at all levels.

Nascent lawyers admitted to the firm are mentored in every facet of a case, from initial investigation to instruction of the jury at the end of the trial. All at the firm actively participate in continuing legal education programs as auditors and instructors. They regularly share trial skills, knowledge of the substantive law of torts, and defense of the right to trial by jury with audiences of lawyers, law students, professional associations, and medical groups.

Corboy & Demetrio lawyers are also frequent authors of scholarly, editorial, and legal articles in law journals, bar publications, continuing legal education manuals, and medical or trade group journals.

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