Steven Payne, the NHL and CTE

Steve Payne joins fellow NHL players, like Derek Boogaard and Steve Montador, struggling with the effects of heavy hits taken during his hockey career.  Corboy & Demetrio represents both the Boogaard and Montador Estates in litigation against the NHL. 

                                 AP Story on Steven Payne

Tyler Sash's Death: Another Example of What Repetitive Trauma in Sports Causes

Tyler Sash, 27, was one year younger than NHL player, Derek Boogaard, 28, at the time of his death.  The discovery of CTE in Tyler Sash' brain serves as yet another example of the reality that repetitive trauma in professional sports can cause devastating brain degeneration.   Read more >

Wrestling and the Danger of Concussions

 The Chicago Tribune’s story on wrestling and concussions will, hopefully, shed light on this dangerous and often overlooked sport when it comes to brain injuries suffered by wrestlers, from middle school participants to college athletes. Read more >

New NHL Concussion Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Steve Montador Family

 Our firm recently filed a new NHL concussion lawsuit on behalf of Steve Montador’s family that is receiving international media coverage.  Watch my interview on WGN-TV. Read more >

Railroads Getting More Time for Positive Train Control an Outrage

 In 2005, a METRA train derailed in Chicago, costing two young women their lives and causing catastrophic injuries to others.  At the time, Corboy & Demetrio advocated for Positive Train Control on all passenger trains as an appropriate redundancy measure to prevent derailments. Read more >

When in Doubt, Sit Out

 Tragedy struck a CPS high school Thursday when one of its football player collapsed after his game. He died Friday. Saturday, the Cook County medical examiner's office identified the cause of death as blunt force injuries to the head suffered while playing football.  Read more >

Corboy & Demetrio Client Added to NHL Concussion Litigation

 The Multidistrict Litigation Plaintiff’s Executive Committee recently added more players to the class action lawsuit filed on behalf of former and deceased professional hockey players against the NHL stemming from concussive injuries. Read more >

New Warnings About Contaminated Medical Scopes

 Bloomberg News reports that reusable bronchoscopes may present many of the same dangers as duodenoscopes. Read more >

Amtrak Train Crash Should have been Prevented with Positive Train Control

 In the wake of the Amtrak crash near Philadelphia, the National Transportation Safety Board made this admonition:  “We know that a properly installed and functional Positive Train Control, or PTC, would have prevented this accident,” said NTSB Chairman Christopher Hart.  Read more >

Crash of AMTRAK #188 Reminiscent of Chicago Train Derailment

 Our thoughts and prayers are with the passengers aboard Amtrak train #188 that derailed last night near Philadelphia, PA.  The scene is eerily reminiscent of the tragic METRA derailment of September, 2005 in Chicago, which resulted in the tragic deaths of two young passengers and serious injuries to many Corboy & Demetrio clients.   Read more >