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Sadly, Alaska Air Still Doesn’t Get It

Randi Zuckerberg’s letter to Alaska Airlines about her mistreatment, both by a male passenger and the airline, was poignant.

Her seatmate, she wrote, made “explicit, lewd, and highly offensive sexual comments,” which she described in detail in her letter.  She also wrote that she brought it to the flight attendants’ attention and was told the offender was a frequent flier on that exact route.  She was told to not take it personally.  She wrote that Alaska Airlines’ solution was to offer to move her from first class to the back of the plane. 

Shame on you, Alaska Airlines.  Have you not learned that passengers cannot and should not be treated with disrespect—either by a fellow passenger or your flight attendants?  That abuse – whether physical or verbal -- will not be tolerated any longer.

Harassment by a fellow passenger must always be taken seriously, and the solution should have been to stop the flow of alcohol and reprimand the “frequent” flyer – not penalize the victim. 

Alas, if only there was a video. 

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