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While it may seem that cart associates are at the bottom of the retailer totem pole, cart associates play an important role for the retailers and their customers.  Cart associates are the "outside" ambassadors for the retailers.  

Corboy & Demetrio partner, Daniel S. Kirschner, was quoted today by Reuters in a national story weighing the pending legal fallout of the recent crash at Daytona Speedway.

When my children were little, one of my pet peeves was that they would not turn off the lights when they left a room.  If it was dark and they were going upstairs to get something from their rooms, they would turn on the upstairs hall light; stop in and use the bathroom leaving the lights on; go to their room; grab what they needed and come back downstairs leaving their room, bathroom and hallway lights on.  I always saw it as an unnecessary waste of energy and money lighting an area that did not need it.  A compromise was achieved: I installed presence detectors.  They had light when needed; I had lights turned off when not needed.        

Even as trial lawyers, we follow the sage advice of our 16th President, when appropriate, to “discourage litigation…Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can.”  But, when extreme carnage is caused by clear negligence, it is the law’s mandate that the damaged victim be made whole.  In these situations, the offenders must be held accountable.  Responsibility is a noble goal, but in the face of tragedy, who is responsible, for what, and how?

You or a loved one has been injured by the negligence of another person, a failed product or some poorly maintained property.  You have selected an attorney and are now scheduled to meet for the first time.  What questions should you ask?  What should you bring to the meeting?  What matters need to be resolved at this first meeting? 

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