Record-Setting $25.2 Million Settlement in US Airways Crash

The estate of a passenger aboard US Airways Flight #427, represented by Thomas Demetrio and his brother Michael Demetrio, received $25.2 million in a settlement of its wrongful death claim against US Air, Inc., and Boeing Corporation. US Airways Flight #427, which had taken off from Chicago, was making preparations to land at Pittsburgh Airport when it plunged to the ground. The decedent, on his way home from a business trip, was the CEO and chairman of a major manufacturing concern and left behind a wife and three children. The settlement is the highest ever negotiated in a wrongful death case involving commercial aviation.

The former record for the highest settlement  - $25 million - was negotiated by Corboy & Demetrio for the family of a victim in the crash of United Airlines Flight #232 in Sioux City, Iowa.