Lawsuit Filed and Protective Order Sought Against Apartment Building Owner, Manager for Sexual Assault of Hyde Park Tenant

October 2008

Attorney Philip Harnett Corboy, Jr., of the Corboy & Demetrio law firm, filed a negligence lawsuit in the Circuit Court of Cook County today against the companies and individual that own and manage an apartment building in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago following the sexual assault of a tenant at the building. The home of Presidential candidate Barack Obama is two blocks west of the apartment building.  Corboy also filed a motion for a protective order on behalf of his client seeking to preserve and protect any and all records, statements, recordings, reports and videotape pertaining to the sexual assault.

The complaint alleges that on October 8, 2008, Jane Doe was a tenant at the apartment building, owned by Madison Park Apartments, L.P., and managed by Creative Designs Builders Company, at 1380 East Hyde Park Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. Both companies are owned by Ibrahim Shihadeh. As she was entering the building at approximately 9:45 p.m., she was abducted from behind by an assailant who followed her through the entry door into the lobby. She screamed to get the attention of the on-duty security guard but he did not react. The assailant placed his right hand over the woman’s mouth and told her he was going to kill her. He continued pushing her through the building and ultimately pushed her out the back door to an alley where he assaulted her. He then took her apartment keys and tried to pull her to a service elevator in the building in an attempt to take her to her apartment.  She broke free and escaped to the lobby, where she screamed at the security officer to call 911. The officer did not understand what the woman was saying or what had transpired and when he failed to respond, the victim grabbed the phone at the security desk and called for help.

The motion for a protective order seeks to protect the important evidence in the case. It states that security cameras in the foyer and lobby of the apartment building recorded the entry and abduction of the victim. Additionally,  reports were made and information was gathered about the sexual assault. Corboy asks the Court to order the Chicago Police Department, Madison Park Apartments, L.P., Creative Designs Builders Company and Ibrahim Shihadeh to preserve and protect the videos, photos, test results, reports and any other information in their possession and to produce the videotape recordings within 14 days.

Corboy stated:

The failure of the apartment building owner and operator to hire competent, well-trained and alert security personnel resulted in the vicious sexual attack of a young woman. A minimum amount of security would have prevented this attack In this case there was none.  

The Order of Protection is necenecessary to secure any and all records and information pertaining to this sexual assault in order to properly protect the legal rights and interests of our client.